I’ve never pumped my septic tank, is that a problem?

Septic Tank Pumping Northville

Are you having back up issues?

Do you smell something foul in your backyard? 

Do you regularly use a garbage disposal?

You could have an expensive repair on your hands if your septic tank has never been pumped before.

According to the EPA, if you haven’t pumped your septic tank in several years, but don’t seem to be having any problems, it may mean:

1. There could be minimal water use in your home, and/or the size of the septic tank and the biological activity maintains the solids at sustainable levels. This is rare but may occur when there are only one or two people living in a home.

2. The tank has a leak and is discharging wastewater into the ground instead of into the drainfield.

3. The tank is full of solids, which are slowly migrating and may eventually clog the drainfield. This may increase the cost of pumping the tank and may require replacing the entire drainfield if it becomes clogged. 

Maintain Your Septic System with Septic Tank Pumping in Northville

One thing all septic systems have in common is requiring regular maintenance to perform efficiently. Septic maintenance includes inspecting the entire system every 1-3 years and pumping the tank every 2-3 years. The frequency for pumping your septic tank depends on the tank size, number of people in your household, the water habits and use, if a garbage disposal is used, and the number of solids accumulated in the tank. A rule of thumb is to pump the tank when the solids are two-thirds of the volume in the tank. 

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