Soil Percolation Test For Septic System

Steps to be completed prior to soil percolation test for a septic system:

  1. Contact county to set appointment, usually a 2 hour block of time
  2. Contact MISSDIG to be sure all utilities are clear and properly marked
  3. Contact a Michigan excavating company to dig the holes (LaChance Brothers Excavating)

What Does LaChance Brothers Excavating Do?

At the appointed day and time of the soil percolation test the County Sanitarian, the property owner, and the excavator will all meet at the property. The excavator will generally arrive a little early to get equipment off loaded and check out utilities before the Health Department arrives.

Once everyone is onsite and not before the property owner and the health department will direct the excavator where to dig. The owner and health department will have discussed this prior to scheduling the soil percolation test.

It is the responsibility of the excavator to dig where directed and as deep as directed to reveal adequate soil for an onsite septic system. Once one good test hole is located at least 3 more must be dug to create an area of acceptable soils. Only then is the county satisfied with the test results. The minimum number of holes dug will be four and the most can be a dozen or more in the time allotted by the sanitarian.

If suitable soils are not located on the first attempt, a second, or even third date and time can be scheduled for additional tests. However, all three parties, owner, county, and excavator must be present at each test.

Lastly, and most importantly, the excavator will backfill all soil test holes completely before loading up to leave. Open soil test holes are an extreme danger.

Get your paper work in order, call MISSDIG, set the appointment with the sanitarian, and call LaChance Brothers Excavating to dig the holes. The one thing all parties involved want is a good test result and LaChance Brothers Excavating will do their best to help you meet your goals.


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