Septic Tank/System Installation

Need a septic system, but don't know where to start? LaChance Brothers Excavating has you covered! We’ve been installing septic systems and drain fields since 1956 and want to ensure your septic system installation goes as smoothly as possible.

What Is A Septic Tank?

The septic tank is a concrete vault that is the first collection point for all the waste and water that exits your home through your plumbing. It is pre-cast concrete with openings for inlet and outlet pipes, filter access, and cleaning by a septic pumper.

How Will I Know What Size and Number of Tanks I Need?

The size and number of tanks required is determined by the health department based on information you provide. 

What Does the Excavating Company Do?

The excavating company is responsible for digging the holes and installing the tanks in the proper location on the required grade. They are also responsible for connecting multiple tanks together, connecting them to the septic system, backfilling each tank, leaving connections open for inspection, and providing manhole access. 

Getting Started with a Permit

Septic tank installation starts with requesting a permit from your local health department. Contact the sanitarian at your local health department. He or she will determine if a soil test and a permit are required.

With soil test results in hand and considering such factors as proximity to surface water, isolation distances to wells, lot lines and physical structures, the sanitarian develops a permit for your particular needs.

The permit documents the exact size and number of chambers required in the septic tanks as well as the exact size and location of the septic field, including the number and length of lines. It also indicates any special conditions that must be met during construction. Generally, it will also designate a future septic expansion area if ever required.

Once you have the permit, you can schedule installation. The county sanitarian will inspect the job to verify it is completed to the requirements of the permit and with workmanship and materials that meet your county’s standards. This may require several inspections while the job is in progress. Once satisfactorily completed, the sanitarian will issue a final approval of the work.

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