Searching for Septic Installation in Plymouth, MI?

Septic Installation in Plymouth Michigan

Are you a new homeowner who needs a septic tank installed?

Is your home not connected to a municipal water system?

Are you wondering what occurs in a septic installation?

Approximately 21% of homes rely on a septic system to drain their wastewater. If you’re one of the many homeowners who require a septic installation, you might also be wondering what is involved in the actual installation!

The first step is to obtain a septic system permit from your local health department. They will let you know if a soil percolation test is required. In a perc test, the County Sanitarian and excavator will examine your soil and make sure it is able to drain water quickly enough. The size and number of septic tanks you need will be assessed by the health department based on the info you provide.  

Several holes will be dug and filled with water in the intended drain field. The holes will must also be re-filled after the test is completed.
Find out more about perc tests and how they’re done

Installation can begin as soon as the percolation test is completed. We are responsible for digging the holes, placing septic tanks, connecting the pieces of the septic system together, backfilling the tanks, and leaving inspection points open for future maintenance. 

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