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Septic Field Repair in Hamburg, MI

Do you suspect that something is wrong with your drain field? 

Are you wondering what could be malfunctioning in your septic system?

Septic field repairs can be troublesome and costly. Malfunctions can be extremely unpleasant for your family and difficult to fix. If you’re in need of maintenance or overdue for an inspection, don’t hesitate to contact professionals to come examine your system!

A few common issues that require septic field repair:

  • Broken pipes – your pipes may have been damaged by growing roots or shifting ground. Any cracked pipes will need to be replaced by a professional right away.
  • Compacted soil – if the soil in your drain field has been compressed, the effluent coming out of your septic system may be unable to percolate into the ground. Make sure not to park cars or build driveways and patios over your home’s drain field.
  • Drain field replacement – If your tank is malfunctioning, scum or sludge might be draining into your field. This can form a layer that prevents percolation from occurring and might require a complete relocation of your drain field.  

If you’re noticing backed up drains in your home, gurgling sounds from the pipes, bad odors, or extremely green grass in your drain field, you might have a malfunctioning septic system.

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