Pros & Cons to Buying a Home on Septic

Septic Tank Cleaning Northville

Are you in the market for a new home this winter?

Do you want to buy a home with more space, peace, and quiet?

If you’re considering buying a home in a more rural area, most homes that fit that bill will include a septic tank. Before you go ahead with your purchase, consider:

-       Prepare for regular maintenance: When considering buying a home on septic, be prepared to have it inspected every 3 years, and do annual maintenance on it. Typically, you’ll need to have the sludge pumped out and disposed of every few years, which has a small cost associated with it. 

-       Know what can go wrong: If septic systems aren’t properly maintained, problems can occur. Leaks, ruptured and clogged pipes, and a flooded drain field can be a big mess for homeowners. If there’s too much liquid in the tank or drain field, the tank may not drain quickly enough or at all, which can cause backflow problems. Make sure to educate yourself properly before considering buying a home on septic.

-       Get the system inspected: To avoid problems, septic systems need to be regularly inspected and maintained. Have the system inspected to check for pipe integrity, ventilation, and drainage. Many people forgo inspections, so ask to see the inspection history on the property you’re considering buying so you have a full picture of the home’s septic health.

According to Rocket Mortgage, there are many more pros than cons to buying a home on septic. “As a homeowner, you can enjoy these benefits of using a septic system:

1.     You can save money by not having to pay for public sewer.

2.     When properly maintained, septic systems are more environmentally friendly.

3.     Septic tanks allow you to live further away from cities.

4.     Septic tanks can last up to 40 years.

5.     Having a septic tank can save money on property taxes, since your property isn’t hooked up to a municipal sewer.

On the flip side, some cons include:

1.     It can cause groundwater contamination if the system leaks. This can be a problem for well water.

2.     If not maintained, you can have a costly mess on your hands.

3.     Septic tanks will eventually need to be replaced.

4.     You must be more careful about what you put down the drain.”

Septic Tank Cleaning for Your New Northville Home

If you’re buying a house with a septic system, we highly recommend an inspection and pumping to ensure you’re not inheriting a failing system. Additionally, if you’ve never owned a home on septic before, we can make recommendations for cleaning and maintenance.

Whether you’re looking for an inspection to sell your home or you’re due for regular maintenance, give us a call for septic tank cleaning for your Northville home. At LaChance Brothers Excavating, you get the experience of three generations of excavating and septic work from a family-owned business. Schedule a full septic inspection including pumping the tank at the time of inspection with LaChance Brothers Excavating. We can’t wait to work with you, contact us today.

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