What You Need to Know About Septic Tank Lid Safety

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Is your septic tank damaged or missing a lid?

Do you regularly inspect your septic system? 

Accidents can happen – people can fall into septic tanks if you don’t take proper care.

Take these precautions to make sure no one accidentally falls into your septic tank, including:

  • Know where your septic system lid is located.
  • Routinely inspect the condition of the lid for hazards or problems.
  • Keep the lid secure by repairing or replacing all damaged or missing parts.
  • Use bolts, screws, or other locks to secure the lid and prevent easy access.
  • Never drive or park vehicles on top of your septic system – it can damage or dislodge the cover.
  • Never leave an open lid unattended when inspecting or having your septic system pumped. Ensure the lid is secured after work has been performed on your system.
  • Teach your children that the septic tank lids shouldn’t be played on or opened.

If you own a house with a septic system, you’re responsible for ensuring the system is safe and functioning properly, and this includes having a secure lid for your tank.

Need Help Locating Your Septic System?

If you can’t locate the opening to your septic tank, contact your local health department. They must issue permits that might include a map. If your local health department can’t help you, contact a professional septic tank installer like LaChance Brothers Excavating. We have experience locating difficult-to-spot tank lids. 

Maintain Your Septic System with Professional Septic Tank Pumping in South Lyon

All septic systems require maintenance and work over their lifetime. Properly maintaining your system will keep it working properly and extend its lifetime. Your best bet for a clean septic system is routine maintenance every 2-3 years. Mark it on your calendar and never miss scheduled maintenance! Contact us or call 248-962-3670 to schedule your septic tank pumping in South Lyon.

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