4 Tips to Keep your Septic System Healthy

Septic Tank Pumping Northville, MI

Do you want to avoid a septic system failure?

Don’t want to tear up your yard for costly repairs?

Septic system failures are among the most preventable home mishaps. Having your septic tank pumped regularly is the best way to keep your system running like it should. But between pumping appointments, decisions you make every day can help your system healthier. 

Here are 4 simple steps you can take to keep your septic system healthy and prevent a disaster like this from happening.

  1. Pump your septic tank regularly ‒ We can’t stress this enough! Regular septic tank pumping keeps your septic system clean and working properly. If not pumped regularly, sewage can build up and flood your drainfield or even flood back into your home. 

    Repairs on the entire septic system can cost $5,000- $60,000. Routine septic pumping service is around $300-500. Save your money and avoid repairs by getting your septic tank pumped every 2-3 years.
  2. Watch what you flush/drain ‒ Just because it’s out of sight doesn’t mean it’s out of mind! Everything you flush down the toilet or put down the drain stays in your septic tank. Flushing certain items like cat litter, tissues, cigarette butts, or hair can damage your septic system. 

    Feminine hygiene products and wet wipes should never go down the toilet, even if they say they’re flushable. They can clog your system and lead to blockages. 

    In the kitchen, many food items like eggshells, coffee grounds, and produce stickers should never go down the drain or garbage disposal. Also avoid pouring dairy down the drain because it will not decompose, due to the lack of air. And never pour grease down; it will harden in your pipes and create clogs. Chemicals shouldn’t be flushed or drained either because they harm your system’s natural bacteria.
  3. Use plant-based or natural cleaners ‒ As mentioned in the previous tip, common cleaning chemicals like bleach will kill your system’s good bacteria. These good bacteria break down waste in your septic tank and are essential for its health. Swap harsh chemicals with plant-based or natural cleaners to keep good bacteria thriving. 
  4. Use less water ‒ All the water you use enters your septic tank. Your septic system needs time to treat this wastewater and then release it into the drainfield. If too much water enters the tank at one time, it can put stress on the septic system and potentially cause flooding. Spreading out heavy water activities like dishes and laundry over multiple days can reduce stress on the system.

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