The Truth About Flushable Wipes

Septic Tank Cleaning Northville

Do you think flushable wipes are your friend? Buyer beware; flushable wipes are actually the enemy when it comes to septic tank systems and their efficiency. Believe it or not, flushable wipes aren’t actually flushable. Flushable wipes are designed to be stronger and tougher than toilet paper, without biodegradable materials, flushable wipes will clog your drain and septic system. 

When it comes to the health of your septic system, what you flush down your toilet matters more than you think! 

  1. Clogging- Some toilet paper brands aren’t designed to break down, which can cause the toilet paper to accumulate and in time clog your pipes. If you experience your drains draining slowly it’s important to schedule a septic system cleaning today. Make sure you look for toilet paper that’s septic-safe and designed to break down quickly in water.
  2. Overfilling- If you tend to use a lot of toilet paper, you can overload your septic system faster than it can handle. You want to avoid overflow of sewage and costly future repairs.
  3. Chemicals- Some toilet papers contain chemicals that harm the natural bacteria in your septic system leading to the healthy bacteria breaking down and failing to keep your system functioning properly. 

Learn more about why you shouldn’t just flush anything here.

What Should You Do If You’re Experiencing Problems with Your Septic System? 

It’s crucial to act quickly if you’re experiencing problems. However, Lachance Brothers Excavating does offer emergency service in Northville and the surrounding areas.

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Septic Tank Cleaning for Your New Northville Home

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