Septic System Installation Guide

Need to install a new septic system?

Not sure where to start?

Lachance Brothers Excavating has you covered. We’ve been installing septic systems and drain fields since 1956 and are more than happy to share these steps to ensure that your septic system installation goes as smooth as possible.

Step 1

Contact your health department and talk to your local sanitarian. Explain your needs and concerns and you’ll be guided to the next step. The county sanitarian can help you determine if a permit is required to perform the work you need done. A permit is usually required, which is one of the best way to assure that your septic installation is done correctly. 

Step 2

Will a soil test be required? Usually the sanitarian requires a soil test so they can do an evaluation to determine the septic system installation requirements. Obtaining permit is the responsibility of the property owner or property buyer, while the soil test is usually performed by a contractor.

Step 3

The soil test will reveal the onsite soil conditions. Using that first-hand information and taking into account factors like proximity to surface water, isolation distances to wells, lot lines and physical structures, the sanitarian begins the process of developing a permit for your particular needs. They then factor in the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to be serviced by the septic system and your permit is ready to go.

Step 4

The septic permit is your golden ticket to the septic system installation process. It tells the installer the exact size and number of chambers required for your septic tank as well as the exact size and location of the septic field, including the number of lines and how long they should be. The permit also indicates any special conditions that must be met during construction, if any. 

Step 5

Permit in hand, you can now contact contractors to negotiate on the timing and price of your septic system install.  Whatever county licensed installer you choose – for price, timing, experience or reputation, the county sanitarian will inspect to see that the septic system installation is performed according to the requirements of the permit and with the workmanship and materials that meet your county's standards. This may require several inspections during the course of the job. Once satisfactorily completed, the sanitarian will issue a final approval of the work.

You’re now the owner of a new septic system that’s responsible for every drop of water and waste that goes down any drain in your house. Every load of laundry, every toilet flush, and everything that makes it way down the kitchen drain. It is out of sight and out of mind, silently doing its job 24/7 365 days a year. 

Will it be able to maintain the strain and do this task forever? That’s very unlikely, as you need to properly care for your septic system with regular septic pumping. Learn more here.

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